Mr. Ken and his favourite net for catching bugs and insects

    The Nancho Popovich Ecology Club is made up of about 20 students who are trying to increase student awareness of environmental issues that relate to our school and community. Mr. Ken Nicholson, an American Peace Corps Volunteer, is working closely with the school directors and faculty in organizing the club's activities. The school directors have provided space in the old dentist office on the 3rd floor of the school for the club's headquarters.

     The Club has participated in excursions to the museum and archeological ruins at Veliki Preslov and the Shumen Plateau Park. Some students have visited the Plateau Park Headquarters in Shumen to view nature videos and observe the displays of the natural history of Shumen. In conjunction with class 6B, a pit for composting leaves was constructed in the school garden. This class has also begun a Pen Pal letter-writing program with a similar class in the United States. Several projects are in the planning stages for the spring of 2002. The Ecology Club plans to initiate a litter control program whereby each class is provided a trash container and an area of the school building or grounds for which they will be responsible for litter maintenance. Two major spring projects will make use of the schools new computer Internet capabilities. A river water quality monitoring program and a weather reporting station will be able to upload their data to the World Wide Web for analysis and comparison to other sites around the world. To encourage students and faculty to ride their bicycles to school, a bicycle storage facility is being considered. A one week enrichment camp is being planned for the summer of 2002 in which nature studies will be used as a vehicle for learning English writing and speaking.


ППМГ "Нанчо Попович", гр. Шумен
ул. "Кирил и Методи" 68